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Tow Dolly

Tow Dollies


Our Insert Cars carry custom tow bars at ‘no charge’ but plastic covered “five mile an hour bumpers” have made their installation on most picture vehicles prohibitively time consuming and expensive. The use of a tow dolly has proven to be a much safer and a quicker method of towing picture vehicles.  Tow dollies allow the actor to safely put more realistic action into the steering wheel.  The danger of the wheel spinning violently to full left or right lock, as may happen when using a tow bar, is eliminated.

Ride Height

The drawbacks to tow dollies were weight and ride height.  A heavy car flattened the tires and arched the dolly more than a lighter car. This resulted in the wheel pans hitting the ground (with much noise) when carrying a heavy car, while small cars rode front high looking like they were ready for takeoff.  We have eliminated these problems by building tow dollies that have hydraulically adjustable ride heights. We just drive the car on, set the straps, adjust for a one-inch pan clearance (higher on rough roads), and we are ready to go in minutes. For the extreme perfectionist we can let the appropriate one-inch of air out of the picture vehicles front tires.  Our Insert Cars have unlimited amounts of compressed air on board to conveniently refill softened tires.


Our tow dollies are now constructed out of aluminum.  This reduces the overall unsprung weight and helps dramatically in keeping closer to the picture vehicle’s suspension design parameters.  The center sections of the dolly are pre-stressed to form a spring thereby eliminating the bowing and resulting drag of the center member.  We have found that this design has dramatically reduced the jarring bumps and vibration transmitted to the picture car by the use of much heavier steel tow dollies.



Tow Dolly Set Up

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