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Car Mount Kit

Canada Camera Car’s camera mount system is fast, secure, safe and compatible with standard “Grip” equipment.

The Side Mount consists of:

  •  A vertical member that easily adapts to almost any vehicle and attaches quickly and securely using only one ratchet strap.
  • A horizontal member that attaches in seconds, locks securely, and adjusts to multiple heights easily on the vertical member.
  • A low profile (3 ½” total height) ball type leveling head that has a quick and secure attachment to the horizontal member in many flexible positions.
  •  A head locking system with full 360-degree rotation and a total of 50-degrees of tilt.
  •  Any and all necessary straps and attachment hardware.

The average “ready for camera” rigging time is about five minutes for a moderately experienced technician.

The Hood Mount consists of:
  •  Two 5’ lengths of standard speed rail with ‘quick attach’ end spreaders
  •  Two sliding bases complete with low profile ball leveling heads for two camera setups.
  •  Four legs, four clamps and two spin-on extensions for difficult mounting situations (legs and extensions are seldom required).
  • All necessary rigging hardware including leader and ratchet straps.

The average “ready for camera” rigging time is about eight minutes for a moderately experienced technician.

The name “Hood Mount” is almost a misnomer for this system.  We use speed rail (1½”I/D#40 grid pipe) as the lateral frame members. This allows car mounts of various lengths and configurations to be easily assembled.  A technician with even minimal experience with this system can quickly and securely mount a camera in the most difficult locations.




Car Mount Kit Set Up

In Travel Case
Rigged on Car
Camera View with 35mm long.
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