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Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle / Bicycle Trailer

This “Mini Process trailer” was built to film an actor on a motorcycle who can’t actually ride a motorcycle.  No modifications are required to the motorcycle and the ride height is increased by only 8 inches.  The deck configuration of this trailer allows for the mounting of all types of motorcycles including full size right-hand sidecar and racing left-hand sidecar equipped bikes.  Three quarter front profiles are possible by offsetting the trailer to one of the Insert cars outside tow positions.  The low profile trailer wheels are enclosed at the very back of the trailer.  This creates a long wheelbase that provides a very smooth ride.  This trailer has also proven to be very effective for the filming of both bicycles and skateboarders.  If requested in advance, we can supply a bicycle mount that is both height and friction adjustable allowing realistic pedal action.

Full motorcycle action is not possible when using this trailer as the motorcycle is secured vertically.  It has been used very successfully for a number of productions, but sharp turns lack the realistic lean of a motorcycle.  If a shot sequence requires the true side to side leaning action of the motorcycle our ‘articulating motorcycle towing attachment is recommended.

Important note: The method of securing a motorcycle’s front wheel to some form of tow dolly has proven to be very dangerous.   The angle of the front fork ‘framehead’ causes the motorcycle to lean dramatically in the wrong direction when going around a corner.


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Motorcycle Trailer Displayed With Motorcycle

Skateboard Rig

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